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Commercial Lighting Led Retrofit Projects

Not All Lights Are Created Equal — Some Bulbs Shine Slightly Brighter Than The Rest. For Commercial Spaces, Few Lighting Systems Are Better Than Led Products. Our Commercial Lighting Technicians Can Help Illuminate Your Commercial Spaces With Brilliant New Leds Lighting Thanks To Our Led Retrofitting Services.

We Help You Retrofit Your Commercial Lighting System With LED Technology

As a full-service lighting company, we can create a custom LED Retrofitting solution for your business or commercial spaces to help you save money, reduce maintenance costs, and improve safety. Our Lighting Technicians offer LED Retrofitting Services that are second to none.

Audit & Assessment

All Reach Lighting is a turnkey service provider — that means we handle your commercial LED retrofit project from start to finish. Rather than simply selling you the LED products and trusting you to install them (or finding a contractor to do it for you), we work with you to create a custom lighting plan, find the right LED products to fit your needs, and install them for you.

We start by meeting with you and touring your facility or property. Our Lighting Technicians are concerned about more than just the lights. We want to understand how you use your commercial space so we can create a Commercial Retrofit Project that improves efficiency, effectiveness, image, safety, and your bottom line.

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Plan & Execution

Part of your initial lighting assessment is a photometric plan (a digital survey of your site with a proposed lighting solution).

This accomplishes a variety of things early in the planning process. It ensures that local lighting codes are met, allows you to see what the final product might look like, prevents future issues related to poor lighting, and determines what kind of LED solution is needed.

After we’ve developed the plan, we find LED products that meet your lighting needs. Lighting Technicians consider your budget and always connect you with LED products with a potential rebate.

With the LEDs selected, our team retrofits the LED lights into your old lighting system. We set up a maintenance schedule for you, so you don’t have to plan it out.

Your retrofit lighting system will require less maintenance and fewer visits from us, which means more money goes back into your pocket or into the property.

LED Products

When your old lighting systems grow dull, it’s time to get an LED retrofit. A commercial LED light retrofit is the process of taking your existing fixtures that use CFL, fluorescent, or incandescent bulbs and replacing them with LED fixtures.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are everywhere these days and for good reason. They’re compact, energy-efficient, require little maintenance, and do a better job than traditional bulbs.

The benefits of an LED retrofit are apparent from the first time you turn them on. The quality of light from LED products is incredible, as the purer light quality helps to brighten the appearance of commercial and industrial spaces.

The improved lighting quality also means improved workplace safety. In busy commercial spaces, having an LED lighting system can reduce accidents, elevate mood, and create a more efficient workplace. Brighter workplaces mean brighter employees!

LED products are a great example of getting more for less. These fixtures are more energy-efficient than traditional fixtures and are longer-lasting. Commercial spaces that switch from traditional lighting to LEDs can save up to 60-80% on your energy costs over the course of a year.

Additionally, LED products require less long-term maintenance. Traditional lighting requires monthly maintenance, while LED systems are designed for 4-5 years between maintenance visits.

Not only are LED lights bright, but they’re also light on your budget too. The price of LED lighting has dropped significantly in the last few years. This makes LED lighting products more accessible to businesses than ever before. Making the switch now allows you to reduce your energy costs and your maintenance budgets in both the near- and long term. As an experienced Commercial Lighting Company, we offer quality LED Retrofitting Services. So contact our Lighting Technicians today.

Why Trust All Reach Lighting

We’ve helped hundreds of clients around the Colorado area transition from old light technology to LED products, saving them buckets of cash.

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All Reach Lighting provides LED Retrofitting Services, to dozens of industries in Colorado, including the following:

  • Dining & Restaurants

  • Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Industrial

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Government

  • Transportation

  • Commercial Offices

  • Healthcare

  • Municipal

  • Higher Education

Don’t see your industry? Give us a call anyway at (303) 222-1987. We provide Lighting Services, to dozens of industries across Colorado.

Use All Reach For Commercial Lighting LED Retrofits

All Reach is your single source for LED Retrofit Lighting projects and services. We take care of you from the first call to the final walkthrough. No middleman. No outsourcing. Our Commercial Lighting Technicians, earn your trust and manage your project from start to finish. We help you design a lighting vision and execute your lighting plan without you feeling lost as the GC of your own project.

How Do I Start My Commercial LED Retrofit Project?

  1. Fill out a form here or give us a call at (303) 222-1987.
  2. Speak with one of our friendly Commercial Lighting Technicians.
  3. Schedule and start your lighting project.

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Why Start Your Commercial LED Retrofit Project Now?

  • The money lost to deteriorating or failing lighting systems is enormous. Billions of dollars each year get wasted powering outdated lighting solutions.
  • Stop paying outrageous monthly repair and maintenance fees.
  • Leverage rewards and rebates from your local power supplier, offering financial incentives to get your project started.
  • Retrofit your existing interior and interior lighting solutions to save money, improve your image, and increase safety.

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