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Commercial Parking Lot Lighting in Denver

Do you want to improve how yow your customers see your business? (Literally?) Make sure your commercial parking lot lighting is well-lit by upgrading the lighting system. There’s nothing creepier and dangerous like a lot with poor lighting. If you don’t guarantee an illuminated and secure space to park, your potential customers won’t even visit your business. It is the first impression of your commerce, and you already know how vital first impressions are.

Most commercial parking lot lighting has the same problem: only a few outdated fixtures illuminate them, creating a stark contrast with newer, LED-lit lots. There is, however, a much more significant difference when it comes to the electric bill. They don’t only have a safer and more illuminated parking lot, but they even pay less for it.

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We light up your store like nobody else!

Commercial parking lot lighting is something we specialize in, and we have been serving Denver for a long time. We get all available energy rebates and programs from the municipality, service providers, and manufacturers to save you money. You read it right: there’s an immediate reduction in your energy consumption after enhancing visibility with your new LED fixtures.

The thing we love the most about LED lighting is that it reduces energy bills by about 70% and is almost maintenance-free. Also, a recent study showed that improved parking lot lighting reduced crime by 39% in NYC.

Our Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Service Includes the following:

  • New LED fixtures
  • Bulb replacement
  • Light pole maintenance and installation

Did you know? It’s crucial to regularly inspect parking lot poles to prevent any compromise to their soundness due to weather and normal wear and tear.

  • Expert, licensed, and insured contractors
  • Commercial state-of-the-art light pole manufacturers
  • Light retrofitting
  • Troubleshoot power lines

With over 40 years of experience in commercial parking lot lighting, we are the go-to company for Denver residents. Go ahead and give us a call before we get booked. We will be so happy to assist you.